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A belated update

The blog has been very quiet for a long time now, but this is more a reflection of how much has been happening with the project than how little. After a terrific time at REGUA in southeast Brazil, I was fortunate enough to visit New Zealand for the Association of Social Anthropologists’ conference in December. I’d received quite a lot of interesting contributions to the project from New Zealand, so it was great to be able to listen to birds there myself. The fascinating, and sometimes tragic, thing about New Zealand is how the birdlife closely reflects the country’s human history, both in terms of what you hear and what you don’t hear. Last week I headed to this year’s ASA conference in Bristol, where I gave a paper about interactions between people and birds through sound and convened a wonderful panel on imitation together with my colleague Petra Kalshoven.

In a bid to keep the blog going, I thought I would regularly post some of the many hundreds of contributions to the project that I’ve been sent. I don’t intend to comment too much on these but instead hope that they speak for themselves. Contributions to the project are still very much welcomed.

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